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In addition to our services, we also pride ourselves on being active members of our community. Take a look at some of the recent and upcoming events that we are hosting and attending.

First Friday featuring Shani Marchant

Apr 19

First Friday featuring Shani Marchant

May 3rd  5pm ~ 8pm

Come enjoy hors d'oeurves, live music by Suhanna Hamilton and the paintings of our featured artist

Shani Marchant

Shani Marchant was three when her parents realized she was deaf.  She learned how to speak through the feel of sound. The phonic system and hearing aids helped her form words and a way to communicate that is taken for granted normally.

In high school, Shani began taking college art classes and started to show her work at Second City.  She studied painting and printmaking at Spokane’s Fort Wright College.  She went to the Art Students’ League in New York and studied with Will Barnett.   She studied  with Grace Hartigan, an international acclaimed painter at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Md.    

While living in Spokane, WA most of her life, the paintings from her alphabet series in the early period, the underwater series and her figurative pieces comprise up to half of  Shani’s total body of work. She explored the gestural, abstract techniques on 18”x24” canvases and sketches on paper.  She created Structural Scape, an oil painting 70”x90” that shows the strong influences of the environment and the weather moments when she lived in California.  Cultural Grids are interactions of urban living. Shani approaches her canvases with the cultural vibrancy, seeking the color and movement with structure.  The paintings are an eclectic assortment of her passions and love for color.

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